Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève

Design in Metamorphosis

“Design In Metamorphosis” is the double solo exhibition showcasing the creative practice of young designers Audrey Large and Théophile Blandet. Curated by the Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò, the exhibition finds its prestigious home at the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève.

Audrey Large and Théophile Blandet’s projects embody the essence of a society in constant flux, where material culture is continuously evolving. Their works shape a dynamic and fluid design language that seamlessly merges opposing forces – tangible and intangible, unique and reproducible, artisanal and industrial – often in paradoxical ways. Their visionary objects, born from a design practice rooted in radical experimentation, encapsulate the zeitgeist of alteration, mutation, and change, offering an evocative representation of the transient nature of our world.

Audrey Large’s special project, developed as part of the IN Residence residency program and inspired by the theme “Metamorphosis Signals”, adds an extra layer of intrigue and innovation to the exhibition. Through digital manipulation, the designer creates complex entities with lighting functions, resembling shards of light. The works symbolize the dislocation of energy and challenge the authenticity of vision: light and digital data are compared as fluid substances, representing the pervasive presence of the virtual in reality.