IN Residence applies all its resources to seek, promote and foster the creative gifts of talented young designers, offering them new opportunities and enabling them to transmit their knowledge to others through a unique format of education and training.

Become a Partner or Donor of the IN Residence project: support design culture and the talents of the new generation to create priceless social value!

Why supporting the IN Residence Program

Becoming a Partner or Donor of IN Residence – a non-profit cultural association – means making a statement of awareness of these themes, standing out as an agent aiming to support research and experimentation, as well as investing in an idea of the future oriented towards recognition of quality and talent.

Supporting IN Residence also means offering an opportunity to the young creative personalities of today and tomorrow, while contributing to produce refined thinking, the intangible assets of priceless value we have the duty to cultivate and protect, for the benefit of our community.

Linking your name to that of IN Residence is a way of taking a clear position amidst the range of potential investments in culture and the possible promotional measures that can be utilized in terms of image; as an initiative with a long-term status of recognition in the field of international design, IN Residence invests in the quality of its operations and that of the individuals gravitating around its system of project, offering Partners and Donors absolute access to research that is undoubtedly watched and explored by a significant number of connoisseurs, experts in the field and a large nucleus of acquaintances, all of whom are acute, high-profile observers.

Finally, by supporting IN Residence you can act on convictions involving a concatenated series of values: because investment in studies and resulting production of knowledge reveals the intention to assign them a concrete and indispensable role as a path to cultural innovation, and therefore to social innovation as well.

How to support IN Residence

Your help is crucial to allow IN Residence to reach its goals and, more generally, for the reasons mentioned above. You can support us in one of the following ways.

— Design Workshops: partnership to support scholarships
— Design Residencies: partnership to support activities
— Individual donations

Design Workshops: partnership to support scholarships

Partnership with IN Residence takes concrete form through economic support needed to activate a certain number of scholarships on the Partner’s behalf, with which participants can freely access the workshop activities. Donations are tax deductible.

By sponsoring research grants, you can provide a unique educational opportunity!

For more information on the contents of the workshop format, please visit the WORKSHOP page.

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Design Residencies: partnership to support activities

Partnership with IN Residence takes concrete form through economic support needed to foster the creative efforts of two designers during the development of the project based on the residency, including the activities carried out by the cultural association on this specific format over the same time span. Donations are tax deductible.

Offer young designers a chance to conduct research!

For more information on the contents of the residency format, please visit the RESIDENCIES page.

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Individual donations

Donations made to IN Residence allow the cultural association to continue to develop its activities – education and training, support and promotion of creative talent – prioritizing investment in the production of knowledge. Donations are tax deductible.

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One-time donation

Become a supporter with a one-time donation in any amount.

Sustaining donation

You can also sustain us with a recurring monthly donation.


IN Residence would like to thank the following Foundations, Corporations and Individuals for their precious and decisive support.


Thanks for the precious, decisive contributions of:

Corporations and Institutions

Thanks for the generous, continuous contributions of:

Thanks for the special support of:

Accademia Italiana

5 Scholarships → Workshop #15, Prato

BCC – Banco Fiorentino

4 Scholarships → Workshop #15, Prato


4 Scholarships → Workshop #15, Prato


Technical sponsorship → Workshop #15, Prato

MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

15 Scholarships → Workshop #14, Lisbon

ABADIR Accademia di Design e Arti Visive
10 Scholarships → Workshop #13, Palermo

FARM Cultural Park
5 Scholarships → Workshop #13, Palermo

5 Scholarships → Workshop #12, Matera

CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia
5 Scholarships → Workshop #11, Vienna

Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH
5 Scholarships → Workshop #11, Vienna