IN Residence organizes a series of workshops – each focusing on a specific theme of investigation – conducted by young and outstandingly talented designers from the international scene. In collaboration with the Curators of the project, the Designer-Tutors interact with groups of participants – students, recent graduates, young professionals and people interested in contemporary design – in order to experiment with new creative concepts through dialogue and sharing, offering a truly unique formative experience. The workshops are held in conjunction with international cultural initiatives and events in the field of culture, design and contemporary art.

Workshop #16


1st – 4th March, 2023

MAO Torino – Museo d’Arte orientale

Every culture is originated and defined by a process of interaction: between the individuals of a community and between them and the environment they inhabit. In the relationship of mutual confrontation between humans, the exchange concerns the set of values, symbols, conceptions, beliefs, behavior models, as well as the products of material activities that characterize the identity of the specific social group or community. This complex process of osmotic relationships constitutes a dynamic universe in continuous expansion and constant redefinition that deserves to be explored.

The Osmotic Narratives workshop, through the exercise of design thinking practices, intends to refer to this cosmos of intercultural interactions by focusing on their narrative content, in an attempt to define and better understand their distinctive characteristics. Research is favored and stimulated by the context in which it takes place: in the spaces of the MAO – Museum of Oriental Art of Turin, an extraordinary pole of study, contact and comparison with the world of Asian cultures, the workshop finds the suitable environment for the analysis and didactic-training experiments that have always distinguished IN Residence’s activities.