NEVVEN Gallery, Göteborg

Log Scriber

“Log Scriber” is Sigve Knutson‘s first solo exhibition in Sweden in the spaces of the Nevven gallery in Göteborg. On this occasion he presents two distinct new works: a family of wooden sculptures with a mainly vertical look, and an “inhabited structure” suspended on the wall.

Guided by a fascination for the intuitive and the unexpected, Sigve Knutson’s design experiments with different techniques and produces distinctly original results that reflect on the limits of serial production and the opportunities associated with the creation of one-of-a-kind objects.

The first body of works consists of figures that are handcrafted in Norwegian oak, birch and elm briar. They assume the configuration of seven hieratic totemic presences. The long stele that anchors the body placed at its the highest end no longer has the characteristics of the pedestal, assuming the symbolic value of an energetic radiation branching off from the upper sculpted nucleus.

Log Scriber: Metamorphosis Signals is the other unpublished work in the exhibition. It is a sculpture-structure with ambiguous and unsettling characters, a Cabinet de curiosités in which – as in the Wunderkammer in vogue from the 16th to the 18th century – the presence of finds from the natural and artificial universes meet and compare. In the depths of its wooden hollows are placed ten presences in 925 silver, artificial creatures intended as hybrid tools or ritual jewels.

It was made as a specific outcome of IN Residence Design Residency #3, dedicated to the theme of “Metamorphosis Signals”, of which Sigve Knutson is the protagonist, together with French designer Audrey Large.