Teatro Litta – Palazzo Litta, Milan

Natural Selection: Rooted Flows

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2024, the installation conceived by Kostas Lambridis during IN Residence’s Design Residency #2 is on show in the iconic courtyard of Teatro Litta. The work consists of a monumental, mesmerizing, densely layered fountain that, in the author’s unique manner, pays homage to the enigmatic influence of the city of Turin and explores the theme of a rooted, eternal flow.

The work of Kostas Lambridis is the result of experimental research with almost autobiographical reflections. It stems from an intense and continuous work of composition, intersection, and grafting of elements – at the same time – congruent and incongruent, poor and precious. For Kostas Lambridis, the choices that informed the project are the result of a “natural selection”. His mechanism of thought and study, research and experimentation, is finally completed by an instinctive synthesis. This unconscious drive reveals itself in a way that is not mediated or filtered by rational thinking.

The designer’s research sparked in the city of Turin in 2021. Here, Kostas Lambridis was the protagonist, together with Linde Freya Tangelder (Destroyers/Builders), of the IN Residence Design Residency #2 dedicated to the exploration theme: Rooted Flows.

The installation was curated by Barbara Brondi and Marco Rainò, and produced by 5VIE, as part of their official Milan Design Week programme. All pictures: Eugenio Novajra photography, courtesy 5VIE.