19 –23 February, 2024
HEAD – Genève, Switzerland


As scientists delve into the quantum world, a mystique unfolds that defies classical intuition, beckoning the exploration of inexplicable dimensions within the fabric of reality. The quantum realm confronts physicists with a reality that seems to transcend the limits of human comprehension, echoing age-old philosophical inquiries.

The playground thus serves as a metaphor for transience. Being a temporary world, the playground emerges as a symbolic exploration of the transitory nature of our experiences. Life, in its essence, can be viewed as a series of temporary worlds—places where we explore, learn, connect, and grow. On this ground, the definition of space can take a symbolic form with blurred boundaries.

Playgrounds, whether physical or metaphorical, become spaces where we navigate the mysteries of existence, engaging with a microcosm where the rules of reality are momentarily suspended, much like scientists navigating the mysteries of quantum mechanics.

What are the characters of a contemporary Mystic Playground? How can they be interpreted and activated through the lever of design? The workshop aims to explore the area where mysticism, quantum mechanics and play converge, embracing the complexity of the universe  —a vast playground of its own—a place where mysteries unfold, and the journey itself becomes the destination.


Teresa Fernández-Pello (Spain, 1992) is a Spanish designer currently based in the Netherlands, working at the intersection between Functional Art and Creative Technology. Combining digital design and fabrication, electronic technologies and video art, she explores the intricate relationship between technological progress and spiritual evolution within today’s accelerating societies.


Studio Ossidiana (founded in 2015) is a practice based in Rotterdam that works at the crossroads of architecture and design, led by Giovanni Bellotti and Alessandra Covini. In 2018, SO was awarded the Dutch Prix de Rome, the most prestigious prize in the Netherlands for architects under the age of 35. The studio’s work has been exhibited at the Venice Architecture Biennale (2021, 2023), the ChicagoArchitecture Biennial (2021), the Istanbul Design Biennial (2021), and the Triennale di Milano (2022), among others. In 2023, Studio Ossidiana was awarded the EDIDA Sustainable Achievement Award


HEAD – Genève, Switzerland


During the period of the “MYSTIC PLAYGROUND” workshop, the designer-tutors and the curators of the project are the leaders in an experience of total collaboration, a discussion that continues beyond the work sessions and extends into moments of leisure time. Dialogue and interaction, together with hands-on activities of experimentation, are the prioritized tools with which the workshop delves into the creative process.


The full schedule will be published at a later stage.


Participation is open to design professionals, students of any level and enthusiasts in the field of design practice. People who are interested in pioneering design research and crossovers between design and other social, scientific and philosophical areas of interest. All participants must be over 18 years of age and have written and oral fluency in the English language.


The workshop will be conducted in English.

Application And Deadlines

The workshop is open to up to maximum of 24 participants, 14 of which will be HEAD students, who may be attending the workshop as part of their curriculum. You can buy your ticket until 16 February, 2024


The IN Residence workshop requires a fee of 500€ for general professional admission, with a special discounted price of 300€ for students. Early Bird tickets are available in a limited number, at a price of 250 € for professionals and 150 € for students. Student discounts are available only for individuals who meet the requirements by providing proof of student status (valid student ID) at when completing the booking.

Fees do not include travel or accommodation costs.


IN Residence’s Partner BertO has generously offered 5 scolarships, covering the full cost of attending the workshop. Applicants are invited to submit resume, portfolio and motivation letter to by 19 January, 2024.

The scholarship winners are selected by the IN Residence’s curators through an online OPEN CALL, where applicants are reviewed and assessed based on their academic resume, most relevant professional experiences and design portfolio. PLEASE NOTE: Scholarships do not cover travel and accommodation costs.

Terms and conditions

Cancellation policy: 50€ will be withheld for every cancellation to cover organizational costs. Cancellations starting 10 days prior to the beginning of the workshop will not be eligible for any reimbursement. The registered individual has the option of naming a substitute to attend in his/her place without any penalty fee.


Each participant is responsible for arranging sufficient insurance coverage for the duration of the workshop: accident, liability and health insurance for travel abroad including evacuation, and theft insurance for personal effects. The organizer is not liable for any costs or damages. For all its offered courses and initiatives, the organizer shall not be liable for any damages to people or property caused by sovereign acts of any government, acts of nature or third parties.

Visa Requirements

Participants who require a visa are responsible for obtaining it with the correct timing.


All the materials required for the workshop will be provided by IN Residence. Participants need to bring only their own laptops. Please ensure that this equipment is covered by your own insurance, as the organization (IN Residence and HEAD – Genève) takes no responsibility for items lost or stolen during the workshop.

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